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esperienza sleddog per coppie in valtellina con gli husky in montagna

Sleddog with huskies, a romantic experience in the Alps

An original gift idea for Valentine’s Day? A couple’s excursion on sleds pulled by dogs in Valtellina.


Valentine’s Day is approaching, and it’s time to find the ideal gift for your partner without falling into the usual platitudes: the right idea is a couple’s experience to be enjoyed together and remembered over the years, in the magnificent setting of the snowy mountains of Valtellina. That’s right, the right gift for Valentine’s Day is a sleddog ride.


Sleddog for couples at the Husky Village in Valdidentro

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, in the heart of the winter season: why not take advantage of this occasion to treat yourself to a weekend in the mountains, or even just a couple’s day in the snow? In Alta Valtellina at this time of the season the scenery is still that of winter, with whitewashed meadows and forests and sportsmen enjoying themselves in the area’s main ski resorts, Bormio and Livigno. Just halfway between the two well-known tourist destinations in Valtellina is the Husky Village, the largest and most modern sled dog facility in the Alps, where tours are organized aboard sleds pulled by Alaskan huskies, some 70 of which live here year-round.

The husky sleddog ride is a perfect winter couples experience, capable of providing unforgettable thrills as well as fun and adventure. Each participant in the excursion, in fact, is called upon to autonomously drive his or her own sled pulled by a team of Nordic-bred dogs, giving them simple voice commands, along a 5-kilometer route (discover the sleddog itinerary) that winds entirely within a snowy forest and surrounded by Alpine peaks: a fairy-tale landscape, which contributes to an enchanted and romantic atmosphere, particularly suitable for lovers.

sleddog with huskies in Valtellina, a romantic experience in the Alps


Why give a sleddog experience on Valentine’s Day

Trying a sleddog excursion in Valtellina is a great Valentine’s Day gift for many good reasons:

  • it has an element of sport and adventure that fascinates all participants , who are called upon to try their hand at the command of a team of sled dogs as real mushers, in the snow and in direct contact with the wildest nature;


  • the more romantic side of the experience, that is, immersing oneself in a snow-covered forest and admiring breathtaking alpine panoramas, as well as the opportunity to get to know the huskies up close: at the end of the sleddog ride, in fact, all participants can familiarize themselves with the dogs that pulled their sled;


  • is a gift for couples, an experience to be lived together in the mountains, in the snow, different and alternative to more traditional ones such as skiing. And sleddog excursion in Valdidentro can be an opportunity to spend a romantic weekend or a couple’s day in Bormio, Livigno or Valtellina, engaging in other activities as well (the duration of the sleddog ride is about an hour);


  • it is also a children’s experience, so you can also celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children with a family mountain activity. As a reminder, children and teens under the age of 13 participate in the sleddog excursion by riding in the instructor-led sled, safely and without missing out on all the fun and wonder of the husky ride (find out more about sleddog for kids).


Don’t waste any more time and gift the sleddog experience at Husky Village to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day now: choose the date you prefer and book your excursion

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