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escursioni sleddog in slitta con gli husky per bambini e famiglie in valtellina

Sleddog excursions for kids and teens: what to know

Share the thrills of a husky sled ride with the whole family


Sleddog is a winter experience, but one that can be enjoyed all year round, even when there is no snow (find out about summer sleddog). It is suitable for participants of all ages, including children, who have a great time travelling on husky sleds and experience moments they will remember for the rest of their lives. Let’s find out more about dog sleddog excursions for the little ones.


Where to go for sleddog with children?

Families wishing to experience the thrill of a sleddog ride with their children can come to Valtellina and more precisely to Arnoga in Valdidentro, between Bormio and Livigno, where the Husky Village is located. Here, excursions are organised on board sleds pulled by Nordic breed dogs on a snowy route through the wonderful woods of the Alps, on a 5 km long ring (discover the route).

sleddog path in the Alps, in Valtellina, near Livigno


Husky rides for children: age and modalities

Children and young people can participate in sleddog experiences, but depending on their age, the mode of enjoyment of the excursion changes:

  • children under 13 years of age must travel on a sled guided by an instructor, an experienced and qualified musher, sitting in complete safety (up to a maximum of 2-3 children per sled), enjoying the husky ride in the snow from a privileged position;


  • children aged 13 years and over can drive the sled themselves, using simple voice commands and the practical information provided for in the briefing, and experience the thrill of driving and cheering on their husky team along the entire route just like real mushers. In any case, in the event of physical problems that prevent them from driving, children over the age of 13 can also travel on board the sleds guided by the instructors, as can any other participant (in this case, they are asked to register as ‘Transported’ when booking the excursion online).


Huskies and children: how to behave?

Huskies, or rather the more than 70 Nordic Alaskan Huskies here at Husky Village, are extremely sociable dogs by nature and, when they are not running through the snow pulling sledges like their ancestors from whom they are descended, they enjoy getting to know humans (discover the nature and character of huskies). In particular, huskies love children and of course the feeling can only be reciprocated: that’s why, at the end of each dog sledding excursion, we provide a moment when participants can get in touch with the sled dogs, stroke them and give them a cuddle. Our huskies are always delighted to interact with children and youngsters and there is no danger for the little ones: this part of the experience is also one of the unforgettable memories for the families who come to visit us.

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