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escursioni sleddog estive con kart trainati da cani husky

Husky excursions on karts in Valtellina


Sleddog in Lombardy in spring and summer

Sleddog is the activity that consists of excursions with sleds pulled by dogs of the Nordic breed (commonly called huskies, but in reality belonging to one of four different sled dog breeds) but, despite its origins date back to the native peoples of frozen lands such as Alaska or Siberia who used it as a means of transport in extreme conditions, it can also be practised without snow.

This is what we also offer at the Husky Village in Valtellina, where you can practice sleddog in the mountains at any time of year: even in summer.


Sleddog tours all year round

The climatic conditions of the Husky Village location are ideal for our sled dogs highly selected descendants of the strongest Nordic dogs: the low temperatures and snow during most of the year that Valdidentro and the upper Valtellina guarantee are perfect for the life of the huskies, who suffer from the heat and love to run and train in the snow pulling their sleds.

For this reason, in autumn, winter and early spring, the experience we propose to our guests consists of driving the sled pulled by dogs on a snowy, well-groomed path that follows part of the Arnoga-Cancano Decauville in the province of Sondrio, halfway between Bormio and Livigno, in a wonderful alpine setting. During the warmer months of the year, even at these altitudes the snow leaves room for lush nature: this does not mean, however, that you have to give up hiking with the huskies, who by nature are always eager to move, run and pursue new challenges.

And if the dogs don’t stop training during the summer, those who want to try sleddog don’t have to wait either, thanks to the excursions with karts organised by the Husky Village.


Husky excursions on karts: sleddog experiences even without snow

sleddog con kart in valtellina con cani da slitta

In the absence of snow, and therefore in the impossibility of using the typical husky-pulled sleds like the authentic huskies (find out more), we use an equally effective alternative means: the karts.

The sleddog karts are vehicles equipped with four wheels and handlebars, on which the driver rides upright, just like on a sled, by giving voice commands to the sled dogs that pull them. Like the sleds, the karts also have a seat for the safe transport of children and young people under 13 years of age or of adults who are unable to drive themselves.

This means that even those who cannot or do not feel up to driving a kart can still enjoy the experience on board a vehicle driven by an instructor. The excursions on karts are entirely analogous to the winter sleddog experience on the snow: after a short briefing during which instructions are given on how to drive the karts and on the commands to give to the sled dogs, the participants each are assigned their own kart and the excursion begins.

The summer and spring route is the same 5 km stretch of the Decauville from Arnoga to Cancano, in Valdidentro, on a dirt road instead of snow; what changes, rather, are the colours of the surrounding nature, that from the enchanted white of the snow-covered forest leave room for the thousands of shades of green typical of the high mountains.
At the end of the route, once back at the starting point, there is a moment to get to know the huskies and stroke them, concluding with the handing over of the dedicated photo shoot immortalising each participant during the experience.

Sleddog with karts in Valtellina, at the Husky Village, is a unique opportunity to experience an outing with sled dogs in spring and summer, get to know these wonderful animals up close and discover the many emotions of an experience in direct contact with the most unspoilt nature.

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