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Treat yourself to the adventure of dog sledding during your holidays in the upper Valtellina, in Bormio or Livigno, and experience an excursion in the province of Sondrio pulled by real sled dogs, in winter or summer.

Booking the Valdidentro dog sledding experience for you and your family is easy, you can:

- book your excursion online, for one or more participants, choosing date and time, with secure payment through Nexi by credit card, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay;
- make a reservation by phone: call us at +393477960309 every day from 9 am to 6.30 pm
- purchase an open-date gift voucher online and allow those who receive it to book the excursion online by choosing the day and time and using the voucher code in the booking process (vouchers are valid for one year and cannot be extended or refunded).

At the end of the booking procedure you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your details and your appointment, to be presented at Husky Village on the day of the experience.
In order to better organise the shifts and the scheduling of the tours, it is absolutely necessary to respect the established timetables and to present yourself punctually at the start, also taking into account possible traffic conditions. Thank you!


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What to know to enjoy the experience

Sleddog tours are open to beginners and experts, adults and children. For safety reasons, children under the age of 13 are transported by an instructor.

Driving the sled or kart is an integral part of the sleddog experience. Each participant aged 13 and over is required to drive their sled or kart throughout the trip, travelling upright and using the driving patterns and voice commands explained in the initial briefing. The dogs are well trained and experienced instructors accompany you on the ride.

Adults who cannot drive the sled or the kart are required to indicate this at the time of booking by selecting "Transported" in the first step of the booking form.

Only from 13 years of age. Children and young people under 13 years of age can enjoy the sleddog experience transported exclusively by the instructors inside the sled bags or on the kart seat, in conditions of maximum safety. 2-3 children can be transported on the same sled.

Since they ride seated on the instructors-led sleds, children can participate even if the adults accompanying them do not take part in the excursion. However, we invite parents to participate, each driving their own sled or kart, to share this special experience with their children.

For people with disabilities, elderly or otherwise unable to drive is provided the opportunity to live the sledding experience comfortably transported on the sled or on the kart driven by instructors.

However, sledding tours are not open to pregnant women.

The trail runs for 5 km in the Arnoga area, in Valdidentro, along the Decauville that leads to the Cancano lakes. The total duration of the experience is 1 hour and includes the initial briefing (about 10 minutes), the route on board the sled or husky kart (about 25-35 minutes) and a final moment to get to know the sled dogs.

The route is entirely flat and follows the Decauville of Arnoga, it is devoid of any exposed passage or danger. For the winter experience the track is covered with snow and groomed daily with snowmobile, in order to ensure the best safety conditions.

In the event of insufficient or inadequate snowfall, the excursion is
carried out with karts (four-wheeled vehicles pulled by huskies).

No, the sleddog experience booked online takes place in all weather conditions. Huskies are dogs accustomed to cold and extreme conditions and they are happy to run under the snow; dog sledding during a snowfall, moreover, makes the experience even more authentic and similar to the one lived by mushers in Alaska.

The Husky Village reserves the right to suspend the tours if the safety of participants cannot be guaranteed due to unpredictable weather conditions.

None! The kart is a four-wheeled vehicle that has always been used in sleddogg for excursions on dirt tracks or in case of insufficient snow. The dog team used is the same, the commands to be given to the dogs are the same, even the route and all the other features of the excursion remain the same. On a competitive level, there are world-class sleddog competitions by karts.

For the winter sleddog experience, typical ski clothing is recommended: ski suit, gloves, cap, sunglasses, winter hiking boots or after-ski boots, heavy clothing suitable for cold temperatures and snow. It is not necessary to wear a helmet, not even for children.

Sled dog rides take place every day of the week, throughout the day: the first tour is at 9.15 am, the last at 4.15 pm.

You can choose the date and time of your excursion - also using an open-date voucher purchased online - from those available when booking online.

It is essential for all participants to arrive punctually, arriving a few minutes earlier than the time chosen at the time of booking. You can wait your turn in the warmth of our heated reception area.


At our structure Husky Village there are some parking lots where you can leave your car only for the time needed for the experience, in order to leave room for the next customers. Alternatively, you can use the car park in Arnoga on the Bormio-Livigno road and walk a very short distance (5 minutes) to reach the Husky Village. We kindly ask you to calculate the time needed to park in order to be on time at the start of the excursion.

There is a maximum of 9 sleds or karts per tour, each with one person driving. There are one / two instructors on each tour, depending on the number of participants.

Depending on the weight of the person, the sled or kart team consists of 3 or 4 dogs.

Although they are dogs used to taking part in international dog sledding competitions, throughout the route the huskies run at a leisurely pace, maintaining a reduced speed that allows you to enjoy the ride in maximum safety.

During the trip it is important to always be focused on driving your sled and fully enjoy the sledding experience: for this reason the price of the experience includes a photo shoot by a professional photographer, who will immortalize your sledding trip. At the end of the experience the photos are immediately available and are delivered to each participant by uploading them directly to their smartphone with a special USB cable or via Airdrop.

Both the online booking procedure and the purchase of open-date vouchers require payment via Nexi by credit card, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.


If you have received an open-date gift voucher valid for a sleddog experience, you can use it before the expiry date to book your excursion online: go to the booking form, select the number of participants (you can possibly buy other tickets at the same time to share the excursion with whoever you want), choose the date and time and then use the code on the voucher in your possession when the system asks you for it.

If you have several gift vouchers, you can use them by repeating the booking procedure described above and entering a different voucher code each time.