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alaskan husky proveniente dalla Lapponia

Five new Alaskan Huskies from Lapland to the Husky Village in Valdidentro

The new sled dogs from Sweden


The family at the Husky Village in Arnoga, Valdidentro, is always ready to welcome new four-legs friends. We regularly conduct in-depth research to identify and select new Nordic breed dogs to join our husky team, offering them and all those who come to visit us the chance to go dog sledding in the Alps in Valtellina. In this article we tell you about our journey to bring five new sled dogs from Sweden to Italy.



The Husky Village and husky welfare

For us at Husky Village, taking in a new husky is a well-considered decision. The facility for sled dogs, built and extended over the years in Arnoga in Valdidentro, offers the best living conditions for around 60 dogs, housing them in a natural environment that guarantees them the ideal climate (Nordic dogs love low temperatures and suffer from heat) and the appropriate space to train, rest and run in the snow, as is in their nature.

For a sled dog, therefore, living at the Husky Village is a guarantee of well-being and a future: all the animals housed here are treated with respect and love, they have the opportunity to socialise with their peers and to practice the activity that makes them happiest, dog sledding. Moreover, because we have always chosen not to sell or give away our huskies, all the dogs that live at Husky Village have the certainty of spending their whole life in this comfortable environment until the end.

Find out more about the husky facility in Valdidentro


From Arnoga to Lapland and back: the new sled dogs

The new sled dogs for the Husky Village were found by Lorenzo in a northern region of Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle. To get there, our team set off from Arnoga in a fully-equipped truck to Lapland, passing through Switzerland, Germany and Denmark and, once on Swedish soil, heading north along the Baltic Sea to reach Kiruna, in the heart of Swedish Lapland, home of the Sami.

An 8,500-km journey that allowed us to meet Mats Pettersson, an internationally renowned musher who has competed several times in the Iditarod (the most famous sled dog race in Alaska: find out more) and to get to know in person his Kiruna Sleddog Tours, the facility for sled dogs 250 km north of the Arctic Circle where you can also admire the natural spectacle of the Northern Lights. Here, as well as enriching our experience by sleeping in a yurt heated by a wood-burning stove, we got to know the new champions destined for the Husky Village: five Alaskan Husky dogs from Lapland, who immediately showed themselves to be extremely sociable and affectionate towards us, despite being prodigious athletes used to running for kilometers in the snow, even in extreme conditions.

yurta in sweden

Ask, Thelma, Kane, Vide and Hoover – these are the names of the huskies brought to Italy – are young sled dogs, born between 2017 and 2020, strong and prepared to compete over long distances, with a genealogy of absolute respect, made up of extraordinary athletes. Once they arrived in Valdidentro, they became part of the large Husky Village family, settling in perfectly, while the first snow has already arrived to whitewash the tracks on which our dogs will be pulling their sleds all winter long until late spring.

Our 60 huskies and their five new friends are waiting for you at the Husky Village in Valtellina, between Bormio and Livigno, to give you an unforgettable experience as authentic mushers: book your winter sleddog excursion in Lombardy.

alaskan husky

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