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What to know about Huskies

Tips, curiosities, questions and answers about the Nordic breed of dogs


Seeing a husky in Valtellina is not something rare, but to find more than 70 huskies you have to go near Livigno, in the upper Valtellina, and stop at Arnoga, where the Husky Village in Valdidentro is located. Here, dozens of dogs of the Nordic breed live regularly throughout the year in natural conditions that are ideal for them and offer the many tourists on holiday in Bormio and Livigno an incredible opportunity to try sleddog in summer and winter. Based on our experience as mushers, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear in our business and some advice on huskies.


How old does a husky live?

huskies in valtellina

Dogs of the Nordic breed have a fairly long average lifespan, thanks to the strength and robustness typical of their temperament, forged in their DNA from one generation to the next. Alaskan Huskies are healthy dogs that are not prone to serious genetic diseases and can live up to 14-16 years on average. Here at the Husky Village in Valtellina, in our modern dog sledding facility in Lombardy in the Alps, we guarantee the best possible wellbeing for all animals and house them for their entire lives, giving them the attention and care they need even in the later stages of their lives.


Do Huskies shed hair?

Alaskan Huskies (find out more about them) have short to medium, thick, dense coats and take care of their coats assiduously and regularly because by nature they like to keep them clean. However, even Nordic dogs lose their hair, or rather it is more correct to say that huskies shed their hair: the shedding process takes place twice a year, coinciding with the change of seasons, and lasts about two weeks. It is not advisable to bathe huskies, unless there is an objective need to do so, as washing removes the grease deposited on the coat which makes it water-repellent.


Do huskies suffer from the cold?

Absolutely not, in fact the opposite is true: Huskies suffer from heat. The best climate for huskies is the alpine climate, with cold winters and cool summers, which is why the Husky Village is located at an altitude of almost 2000 metres above sea level. Huskies also love snow, as can easily be observed during winter sleddog excursions. Dogs of the Nordic breed are genetically predisposed to withstand arctic temperatures of several degrees below zero, which, however, are very rarely reached at our latitudes: what is important, therefore, is not to let them live in climates that are too hot and humid.


What are Huskies like with children?

husky with children

The character of huskies is characterised by the docility and sociability with which they relate to humans, despite their physical prowess as runners and athletes. In a special way, huskies get along very well with children, proving to be playful: at the Husky Village, near Livigno, we witness this whenever there is a child among the participants of the sleddog excursions. In fact, when at the end of the sled ride (remember that children under the age of 13 ride comfortably into the sled guided by an instructor, enjoying the experience in safety) it is possible to enjoy a moment in the company of the huskies and get to know them, the dogs are always very happy and affectionate when interacting with the little ones.

Discover the sleddog experience for children


Can Huskies live in flats?

No. Huskies can live in the city, but they are by no means flat dogs that can wait for their owner all day long cooped up in a few square metres. Dogs of the Nordic breed need large spaces where they can move freely, as their temperament suggests. They are very active dogs and require regular training to maintain their athletic characteristics. For this reason, their ideal environment is mountainous areas, where there is plenty of space in the open air for long walks several times a day and where the climate is not excessively hot, especially in summer.

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