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Give a child voucher

1 person aged < 13 years
Trail 5 km
60 minutes experience
Photographic service included

Give a child voucher for a sleddog excursion in Valdidentro

Treat a child to the incredible thrill of sleddog on a sled or kart with a real pack of sled dogs and get to know our lovely huskies up close at the end of the excursion: buy a Child gift voucher online, valid for children under 13 years of age and valid for one year for a sleddog experience at the Husky Village in the province of Sondrio. Those who receive the voucher can choose the date and time of the excursion using the online booking procedure.

N.B.: the gift vouchers that can be purchased online are open date: to choose the actual date of the excursion you need to make an online booking on our website. The vouchers are intended as gifts: if you want to book an excursion for yourself or your family, we recommend that you make your booking directly using the online booking system.

Children and teenagers under the age of 13 take part in the excursion on the sleds or karts guided by our experienced instructors, sitting in the comfortable sled bag or on the kart seat in complete safety, and can admire the snowy landscape all along the way. At the end of the excursion there will be a moment in which you can get to know the sled dogs and learn about their history.

Accepted methods of payment: Nexi by credit card, Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

per person


- Each voucher entitles you to participate in a 5 km basic sleddog excursion.

- Child vouchers are only valid for participants under the age of 13 (the day of the excursion is taken as the reference); participants live the experience by sitting safely on the sled or on the kart guided by an instructor, but they are not allowed to drive under any circumstances.

- Vouchers are valid for one year and are not extendable or refundable after the expiry date indicated on them. Each voucher is open-ended and can be used during the period of validity indicated on the voucher.

- As soon as payment notification has been received, a gift voucher containing a one-time code valid for the excursion will be sent to you by e-mail.
Whoever receives the gift voucher must use this code to book the excursion online, at the same time choosing the day and time.

- The excursion can only be booked through the online procedure.