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come arrivare all'husky village in Valdidentro da Livigno e Bormio

Where to find sleddog in Valtellina near Bormio and Livigno

How to reach the Husky Village in Valdidentro for a sleddog excursion


In the heart of Alta Valtellina are two of the most important and renowned tourist resorts in the Alps: Bormio and Livigno, which offer endless opportunities for fun, sport and relaxation in summer and winter for those who want to spend a mountain holiday in direct contact with nature. But in addition to skiing, thermal waters and trekking and biking, there is also another activity that adds to the rich offer of the two Valtellina destinations: sleddog, thanks to the Husky Village in Valdidentro, located near both Bormio and Livigno. Here’s how to get there from either town.


Getting to Husky Village from Livigno

Those wishing to take a sleddog ride near Livigno can reach the Husky Village in Arnoga by car very easily. The Valtellina husky centre is in fact located on the Foscagno pass road that connects Bormio to Livigno and is only about twenty kilometres from Little Tibet. From Livigno, one must take the road that goes up towards Trepalle and, after having passed the Eira Pass and the Foscagno customs pass, continue downhill towards Bormio. After a few kilometres, the first place you come to is Arnoga in Valdidentro: after passing the sign with the name of the hamlet, the road takes a wide bend to the left, after which immediately on the left you will find – appropriately signposted – the turnoff for the Husky Village. A final short stretch of road leads to the entrance to the facility, where there is also a car park for leaving the car during the sleddog excursion.

From Livigno to the Husky Village the journey takes about half an hour: experiencing a nature adventure driving a real sled pulled by huskies on a snowy track is therefore one of the most fun winter activities for families, couples and groups of friends on holiday in Livigno, ideal as an alternative to skiing or on a bad weather day. And even when there is no snow, trekking with huskies in the mountains is among the most popular and fun summer experiences in Livigno: find out more.

husky village entrance


Reaching the Husky Village from Bormio

Even those who choose Bormio as a holiday destination for a skiing holiday or a summer stay in Valtellina have, among the many fun opportunities available, a sleddog  experience in Valdidentro. Situated practically halfway between Bormio and Livigno, the Husky Village is located slightly closer to the Magnifica Terra than to Little Tibet: from Bormio, one only has to travel 16 kilometres to reach the sleddog training centre in Valtellina. From the town centre, continue along the SS38 dello Stelvio road for a short distance, then take the Foscagno Pass provincial road 29 in the direction of Livigno. After passing the villages of Isolaccia, Semogo and San Carlo, you reach Arnoga, in Valdidentro. Just before the hairpin bend to the right where the start of the hike into Val Viola is located, follow the signpost to the Husky Village on the right and after a few hundred metres you will reach the reserved parking area of the facility.

From Bormio, the Husky Village is less than half an hour’s drive away and is therefore a perfect destination for a day activity in both summer and winter: from November to spring – depending on the presence of snow – you can try sleddog, riding sleds pulled by husky teams; in the warmer months, you can take a trip to the mountains in the company of huskies in the splendid natural setting of Valdidentro. In any season, an excursion at the Husky Village is considered one of the must-do attractions for children and families on holiday in Bormio (find out what to do in Bormio with the little ones).

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