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Escursioni in montagna vicino a Bormio in Valtellina

Excursions near Bormio to do in summer

The best mountain trails in upper Valtellina


When you stay in Bormio in summer, the desire for outdoor activities soon takes over, driven by an Alpine natural setting of rare beauty and the abundance of hiking trails on offer. The Upper Valtellina is truly spoilt for choice for mountain trekking experiences suitable for all levels: here is a brief collection of the most beautiful and interesting summer itineraries around Bormio.


Walks and mountain tours in and around Bormio: where to go


Trip to the Reit foothills in Bormio

The Reit foothill is the ideal route for an easy walk in the mountains in and around Bormio. In fact, it is a wide path that is flat for almost its entire length (about 6.5 km), which can also be walked with a stroller and is a perfect excursion for children and families in the Valtellina Alps. The start of the Reit is shortly after Bormio, along the road leading to the Stelvio and Bagni Nuovi di Bormio, on the right near the Pravasivo car park. Along the route, which passes through a magnificent larch forest, there is also a picnic area (Pian de la Reit), where you can take a break and have an al fresco lunch in the mountains.


Trekking excursion to the Reit cross in Bormio

One of the most beautiful hikes in Bormio is the one that leads to the Reit cross, the peak that dominates the Magnifica Terra village to the north. The itinerary, of military origin, winds its way through the Stelvio National Park, starts from the town of Bormio behind Via Castello and in about 2½ hours’ walk allows you to reach the 2132 metre height of the cross, overcoming a difference in altitude of almost 1,000 metres with some challenging stretches. The view from the destination amply repays all effort: the panorama sweeps over all the Alpine valleys surrounding Bormio, from Valdidentro to Valfurva.


Mountain walk in Val Zebrù

escursione in montagna in Val Zebrù vicino a Bormio

Val Zebrù is an enchanting alpine valley near Bormio where you can take a simple hike suitable for everyone, in the heart of the Stelvio National Park. To reach the entrance to the Val Zebrù from Bormio, one must drive along the Valfurva road in the direction of Santa Caterina to Madonna dei Monti and to Niblogo, where the Val Zebrù car park is located. You then walk along a dirt road that descends to the Tre Croci bridge over the valley stream, crossing it and entering the heart of the Zebrù valley, surrounded by the majesty of nature, until you reach the refreshment point and the Campo refuge and, further on, the Baita del Pastore (2166 metres) at the foot of the Gran Zebrù.


From Arnoga to the Cancano lakes on the Decauville

decauville Arnoga-Cancano torri di Fraele

Valdidentro, a few kilometres from Bormio on the road to Livigno, also reserves many opportunities for mountain excursions in the Alps for those spending their holidays in the upper Valtellina. The route that leads from Arnoga to the Cancano dam and lakes is one of the classic walks near Bormio, also because of the particularity of the road: it is in fact the Arnoga-Cancano Decauville, a service road used in the past to transport materials from the dams by means of a narrow-gauge railway, the tracks of which ran along this stretch. Almost entirely flat, the Decauville  runs for the most part through a magnificent forest to come out in view of the iconic Fraele Towers. The first few kilometres of this route are the same ones that the Husky Village’s sled dogs run in winter on the snow during training and sleddog excursions in Valdidentro: the start of the Arnoga Decauville is right next to the Valtellina Husky centre.


Hiking in Val Viola on foot or with huskies

trekking con husky in val viola vicino Bormio

Speaking of excursions with huskies, who said they can only be done in winter? In fact, the summer version of sleddog proposed by the Husky Village in Valdidentro includes a trip to the mountains in the company of sled dogs on one of the most popular and evocative hiking trails near Bormio: Val Viola, an Alpine valley dominated by peaks over 3,000 metres high. In addition to walking as on a classic trekking route, the Val Viola can in fact be hiked with a husky attached by means of a special harness and being towed, thus facilitating the walk: a truly unforgettable mountain experience for families.

Find out more about summer excursions with huskies in Valtellina

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