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attività invernali alternative allo sci a livigno

What to do in Livigno if you don’t ski

Alternative winter activities to skiing


Skiing in Livigno is the reason why thousands of tourists every winter choose the upper Valtellina to spend their holidays in the snow, but the resort is also one of the most famous and appreciated in the Alps for all the activities that accompany skiing (downhill or cross-country skiing), which make the stay really special for the whole family and not only for the more sporty. Discover in detail Livigno’s winter offer in this article.


Snow activities in Livigno in winter


1. Snowshoeing in Livigno

Who said that on the snow you can only ski? With snowshoes on your feet, you can discover many wonderful places surrounded by nature. There are plenty of snowshoeing routes in Livigno and they are easily adaptable to various levels of fitness and training: snowshoe trails wind their way through the purest snow-covered valley, up the mountain slopes and allow you to enjoy breathtaking views, making peace with nature. The winter trails for snowshoeing in Livigno are signposted by special poles and are constantly groomed. Moreover, as they are managed trails, they do not require special equipment (like ski mountaineering) but just a pair of snowshoes, which can be hired in any sports shop in Livigno.

Some of Livigno’s most beautiful snowshoe trails include the one in Val delle Mine, the Tee snowshoe trail in Val Federia and the trail in the woods near the Livigno Dairy.


2. Snow walking in Livigno

Those who are simply looking for the pleasure of a flat walk in Livigno in total relaxation, far from the chaotic shopping streets in the town centre, can take advantage of the groomed snow trails on the valley floor and halfway up the mountainside. Livigno’s cycle path is also passable on foot in winter and connects Lake Livigno to the opposite end of the valley alongside the Spol, Livigno’s river; a little further on, beyond the cross-country skiing track, runs the snow-covered flat walking track that is an excellent diversion for a winter walk in Livigno. Alternatively, it is possible to walk along the groomed footpaths that lead from the start of the ski lifts in the centre of Livigno (Del Sole / Ski School Area) to San Rocco and then on past the start of the Carosello 3000 ski slopes.

Snow walking in Livigno


3. Biking through the snow in Livigno with fat bikes

You can even pedal on the snow in Livigno: that’s right, because there are numerous routes for fat bikes, the snow bikes with wide wheels with which you can ride on snow-covered and icy roads, and which allow you to discover Livigno in all its hidden beauty. Among the itineraries for fat bikes in Livigno there is the ever-popular town cycle path on the valley floor, but all the groomed tracks for walkers are also worth a ride. And don’t forget that there is always the possibility of taking advantage of the experience and advice of a MTB guide in the village for winter biking tours, as well as the possibility of renting different types of fat bikes depending on your needs: muscle bikes, electrically assisted fat bikes and children’s fat bikes for a winter experience for the whole family.

fat bike livigno


4. Ice skating in Livigno

Snow yes, but also ice: in Livigno, you can also skate, of course. Livigno’s skating rink is located in the town centre, just a few metres from the parish church, in what in summer is the town’s football pitch and in winter turns into the Ice Arena, available to adults and children every day in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening until 11pm. Just put on your skates (which can be rented together with a helmet at the ice ring) and go down to the rink to have fun ice skating and try your hand at vaulting and acrobatics. And for those who stay to watch, there is the heated grandstand from which to watch the skaters in comfort.


5. Sleddog in Livigno

An alternative activity to skiing for the whole family that makes a holiday in Livigno unforgettable is undoubtedly the sleddog, i.e. an excursion on board a husky-pulled sled. The Husky Village’s sled dogs are located a short distance from Livigno, in Arnoga on the road to Bormio: there are more than 60 of them housed in what is one of the best facilities for these Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky breeds (discover the Nordic dog breeds) in the whole of Europe, and every day you can try a musher (sled driver) experience driving a real sled pulled by the dogs along a 5 km snowy route in the Valdidentro nature. Afterwards, you can familiarise yourself with the huskies and get to know these extraordinary animals at close quarters, who are as athletic and determined in pulling the sled as they are playful and loving in their relationship with people, and you can receive photos of the experience thanks to the professional photo service included in the excursion package.

Book your sleddog experience at Husky Village for your holiday in Livigno

sleddog near livigno

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